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Debra Ellinger
About the Illustrator
It's no wonder that her art is often a collection of flowers and whimsical characters. In the summer when she's not at the drawing board you'll find her in her parklike gardens. Lately these colorful images have proven to be great murals.

Her career started out with pen and ink making her black and white illustrations her "claim to fame." Even without color, they manage to come to life!

Detailed images are often penned onto every painting and collage. Even murals feature minute details despite the large "canvas." While some illustrations are realistic in nature, that familiar whimsy always emerges. Having authored and illustrated several of her own picture books she would like to invite you to view some of them on this site.

Please feel free to drop her an email at if you have any comments or questions.

  "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein
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