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Many of Debra Ellinger's collages feature humorous themes. Dogs on Porch Eating Cat Sandwiches, now hanging in Michigan, was purchased by a cat lover! These collages are the most fun to collect.

The more dramatic, rich-toned pieces that incorporate layers and layers of intense background textures are exciting as well. The focal point can be anything from whimsical animals to an antique vase or multiple images of architectural value. Anything goes!

The latest efforts in the collage line have been created with fabric. Using quilting techniques to affix all types of textured fabric create the ultimate in collages. These illustrations would be absolutely perfect for a children's book.

Creating collages remains one of Debra's most favorite and exciting medium. One day they will adorn book covers and the walls of fine homes everywhere.

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de promo piece

Dogs on Porch Eating Cat Sandwiches

Spanish Dancers on Llama Head

Tapestry Reds

Trumpet Player

Guy in Car


"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

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